Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Student Bios

These are the last of the bios for the students who will be switching from the terrestrial portion of the field school to underwater on Monday. We will be getting a new crew too, so in a couple weeks you will be introduced to them, as well as our two students that are staying with us for the full 10 weeks.

 Trevor Duke

In grade school I remember learning about the Calusa Indians in Florida, which spurred my interest in archaeology. I am a terrestrial archaeology major at UWF, and chose to take the combined field school in order to experience both the underwater and terrestrial realms of archaeology. After graduating in the fall, I plan on working in CRM.  Some of my interests include historical Indians of Florida, Paleoanthropology, as well as the early civilizations of Egypt and the Middle East. However, anything over 200 years old is likely to interest me!

Brittany Motley

I am a senior majoring in cultural anthropology with a minor in early childhood education. I am participating in the archaeology field school to gain a more rounded perspective of how anthropology can be applied. I am most interested in ethnoarchaeology and enjoy the process of connecting modern lifestyle patterns to past practices. My favorite part of field school so far is being close to nature, working in a hands-on environment, as well as pushing my limits and opening new doors for my future.

Michael Byrd

I graduated from the University of Memphis with a B.A. in anthropology in 2009. I worked for a CRM firm in Memphis, TN, for the last year. I’ll be starting as a graduate student at UWF this fall, majoring in Historical Archaeology. I’m taking the combined field school because I want to pursue maritime archaeology. However, if there’s anything I learned in CRM, there’s always more to learn, so I’m glad to be on the campus survey.

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