Saturday, May 28, 2011


Welcome to the UWF Campus Field School blog! This field school is the terrestrial portion of UWF's unique Combined Terrestrial/Maritime field school and was specifically designed to accommodate the split training schedule of the participating students. For each 5-week half, students taking their terrestrial training will participate in both an archaeological survey (Phase I) and an intensive testing (Phase II) project. At the end of 5 weeks, our first crew will head to the boats while those who have been on the water will get ready for their Phase I and Phase II projects! The goals of our specific projects are outlined below, but the common thread running through the entire 10-week field school is to give the students hands-on training in archaeological field methods. As per all of UWF's archaeological field schools, students will learn about and directly experience a variety of relevant archaeological field techniques and principles, from shovel testing and test unit excavation, to mapping, proper documentation of the work, and research development.

The UWF Campus Field School will focus on cultural resources located on the UWF campus. This is a new project that will explore areas of campus currently being considered for future development. We will be examining the research potential of sites we know to be in these areas and finding new sites along the way. Fieldwork will consist of Phase I surveys as typically performed by cultural resource management (CRM) companies throughout the United States. Archaeological sites will also be subjected to Phase II testing programs related to the long-term research agenda of the Principal Investigator.

We hope you will follow along as we document our progress and findings!