Thursday, June 9, 2011

Student Bios

Lauren Walls

“I am a graduate student in the Anthropology Department UWF. I got my B.A. in anthropology/archaeology from the College of Charleston in 2007. I have been working cultural resources management for about 4 ½ years. My interests include prehistoric Southeastern archaeology and I plan to pursue a career in CRM. I’m in the field school at UWF because I love digging and so next year I can participate as a supervisor.”

Bryant Lewis

“I grew up in northern Maine, and from summer vacations to Bar Harbor I gained a love of the ocean. I have always enjoyed history more than any other subject. These two interests led me to pursue a degree in Marine Archaeology. I am now in my senior year, having already obtained a B.S. in Marine Science. I plan to continue on to the masters degree program.”

Cassie Vesper

“I am currently going into my senior year at UWF, majoring in anthropology (with a focus on archaeology) and minoring in Maritime Studies. I am originally from California and moved to Oregon in 2006 where I discovered my love for archaeology. I chose to move to Florida and go to UWF because of the maritime archaeology program, which is also why I am doing the combined field school this summer.”

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