Thursday, July 7, 2011

Student Bios

We are currently working with our second group of students, which is a slightly smaller group than before. We would like to introduce you to them as well, so here are the first couple bios.

Elayne Nixon

I am a Senior at UWF studying Maritime Studies and Anthropology, and this summer I am a part of the Combined Field School. So far, this summer has taught me to appreciate the differences between Maritime and Terrestrial Archaeology. Combined Field School has been a great opportunity, and I have thoroughly enjoyed both sections. My plans for the future is to get a Master's Degree in Maritime Archaeology and work as a Maritime Archaeologist – either in the field or in museums.

Russell Maffet

Hello! I am a senior studying Anthropology/Archaeology at the University of West Florida, but I am not a Florida native. I am a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon and Voyages and I have gained many friends while studying here the last three years.  I enjoy reading, video games, going to the beach, playing sports, diving, hanging out with friends, and sleeping in. I also enjoy working hard. I like knowing that my efforts are for a purpose – that's why I love the combined field school for archaeology at UWF. We are out in the field doing real research rather than in the classroom and I look forward to the next few weeks of field school as we learn how to do a cultural resource assessment survey.

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